Jennings County Economic Development Commission
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Defense Opportunities: the Muscatatuck Tradition.

The Indiana National Guard’s Muscatatuck Center for Complex Operations is a 1,000-acre full-immersion facility for training America’s troops in urban combat, and performing associated research and development activities. It’s operated by a joint consortium of the military, local government and the private sector.

With 68 major buildings, many miles of roads, and an underground tunnel system, the Center provides the most realistic training experience possible for the military, public service agencies, and others. The Center is eager to work with local companies as a resource for training, and a partner in both commercial and military research and development.

Job Opportunity

Role Players needed for the 2014 Vibrant Response Military Training exercise
Click here for more information.

Radio Muscatatuck

Started in 2011, Radio Muscatatuck is part of the Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex in Butlerville, IN.  It is run by the Public Affairs Office and acts as a training tool and conduit to the community.

Why did Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex choose a radio station?

Radio Muscatatuck will bring a new level to the realistic training at MUTC.  The purpose of Radio Muscatatuck is to get their message out to the public.  Radio Muscatatuck hopes to bridge the gap between those who want to hear music, news, weather and sports and those who get their information purely from the world wide web.

The radio is available in several different formats and completely free.  Click here to visit their site and listen!